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Secret Agent Motorcycling

If there is anything that can be learned by watching action spy films it is that the importance of riding a motorcycle really well can never be overstated. Stunt motorcycle riding is a great way for a spy to achieve several greatly important objectives at the same time, name -- 1) Impress hot chicks, 2) Use elaborate ways of evading enemy fire 3) Have a means of escape/transportation. When you are an under-cover spy, nothing helps you keep a low profile like doing fancy motorcycle moves that really turn heads. Also, just riding a fast motorcycle as fast as possible is not the safest way to escape enemy fire. Just for safety sake be sure to get into difficult an elaborate positions on the bike. Take my advice and watch this guy for some pointers and you are well on your way in your secret agent training.

     ...Achieve the objects of your mission in style!

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