Fact about celebrities abound on the internet. The facts on this website relate to martial arts celebrities as well as famous persons from movie and music!

Martial arts stars are not born every day.  Neither are Russian spies.  Nu Ckchor Ris, if that is his real name is both of these things and he is ready to tell you about these and other themes.
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CW Hatch offers you links to other content. Nu CkChor Rir is not completely done with the full background checks on all these sites, so they are offered up for your consideration, but the precense or absence of a link here should not be construed as endorsement or censure of any kind. The links are labeled correctly, so you can browse through them and visit these sites. Keep in mind that Nu Ckchor Ris has no control over third party sites.

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HumorLinks Comprehensive Humor directory for funny websites of just about any type or topic. Vote for our site, or Nuck will be displeased.

50 Cent Fan Site A humor fan site dedicated to famous rappers, mostly 50 cent and Eminem. Also featuring rappers like Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and lesser known rappers too, like the Average Homeboy!

Thatch Direct supplies thatch for tiki huts and palapas. They offer several types of thatch including palm thatch and reed thatch. Save more when you buy large quantities of wholesale thatch.

Ninja Facts provided by Robert Hamburger. This is a pretty awesome website when you consider that it was made by a kid! Chuck Norris would be proud to call Robert his son.

Original Videos created by the Generally Awesome team. These funny videos depict animals, people and objects in funny situations.

Crude Drawings are the name of the game at Weasel Breath's comic strip site. Random story lines and funny situations rule the day. He also gives some pretty good advice.

Funny Photos - browse this collection of funny photos.

Danielle Hatch Fine Art ~ view sculpture, installation art, prints, and other works of art by artist Danielle Hatch. See still images and videos.

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