Fact about celebrities abound on the internet. The facts on this website relate to martial arts celebrities as well as famous persons from movie and music!

Martial arts stars are not born every day.  Neither are Russian spies.  Nu Ckchor Ris, if that is his real name is both of these things and he is ready to tell you about these and other themes.
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Who is Nu Ckchor Ris?

A Word about Nu

Nu Ckchor Ris is his own man! Nu Ckchor Ris is a completely original character. He is not based on any person, living, dead, fictional, mythical or metaphysical.

Anybody who thinks that Nu Ckchor Ris is a rip off of another person is probably just too much of a wimp to handle how awesome Nu Ckchor Ris has become.

If you still are imaging that there is anyone at all similar to Nu Ckchor Ris you probably better calm down that super-geek-role-playing-game imagination of yours before you die in a Dungeons and Dragons related mishap.

Nu's advice is to face up to the facts and grow some cojones. If not he just might show up and kick you where it counts!

Nu Ckchor Ris is not violent, unless he is forced into being violent. So if you want peace, shush up and stop asking stupid questions like "Who is Nu Ckchor Ris?"!

Best Wishes,
       Nu, Nu, Nu
[Editor's Note: Nu always signs his name three times, kinda like the holy trilogy-- a one man trilogy]

Top Nu Ckchor Ris Facts

  1. Nu Ckchor Ris is faster than the speed of sound and quieter than the speed of light!
  2. Nu Ckchor Ris is 100% naturalized American citizen, except the part that is Mr. Universe.
  3. Nu Ckchor Ris is all things to all people, and nothing to some.
  4. When Nu Ckchor Ris thinks of an abstract concept, it becomes concrete.
  5. Nu Ckchor Ris is a paradox wrapped inside an enigma wrapped inside a moldy seven layer burrito!

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