Fact about celebrities abound on the internet. The facts on this website relate to martial arts celebrities as well as famous persons from movie and music!

Martial arts stars are not born every day.  Neither are Russian spies.  Nu Ckchor Ris, if that is his real name is both of these things and he is ready to tell you about these and other themes.
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Fancy Pants Stunts

These guys show off some fancy pants stunts. What I mean is they do some cool moves to jump into their jeans. Some of the stunts include back flips, high flying action, and other undeniably cool action sequences. This is just the kind of thing that every action hero should know how to do. Just imagine that someone tries to attack you while you are asleep. Are you going to fight naked? I don't think so! Yet, there is very little time to get dressed in a normal fashion. Better know how to jump into those jeans!

     ...Avoiding getting caught w/ pants down!

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