Fact about celebrities abound on the internet. The facts on this website relate to martial arts celebrities as well as famous persons from movie and music!

Martial arts stars are not born every day.  Neither are Russian spies.  Nu Ckchor Ris, if that is his real name is both of these things and he is ready to tell you about these and other themes.
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Donkey Overloaded

So watching this video may initially give the impression that this poor little donkey is suffering because of an uncaring master who is putting an excessive burden on this innocent beast. Further analysis reveals that the owner was being overly considerate, which lead to this situation. If the weight is placed too far forward, that weight would press down on the harness and place pressure on the donkeys back. The donkey is not meant to carry the weight of the cart on its back, but to pull the weight. So the ideal is to have the weight perfectly balanced over the axles of the cart. In this case the weight was placed too far back, probably to avoid overloading the back of the donkey. False alarm with the whole capitalist pig thing, I guess.

     ...Capitalist Pigs Exploit Poor Worker Donkey!

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